Bulk Cheese Sauce Pails


Available in Aged Cheddar Cheese or Nacho Cheese, 5.75 pound cheese sauce pails are plastic re-sealable/reusable, tamper proof, needs no refrigeration before opening and has a full one year shelf life.
Bulk Cold Pack


Our signature cold pack cheeses are our bulk customers “secret ingredients” for a wide variety of  retail, deli and food service products . These smooth, creamy and flavorful spreadable cheeses are available in all thirteen of our popular flavors, giving our customers a head start on creating their unique offerings. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.
Portion Control Cups


Just the right amount for one, or maybe to share, our 3oz. cups need no refrigeration. Just open and enjoy. Available in Sharp, Jalapeno, Nacho, French Onion, Jalapeno Bean and Mild Salsa.
Portion Control Pouches


Open, squeeze, enjoy! Simple as that. These handy little packs need no refrigeration and go anywhere from salad bars to sack lunches. We pack a very wide variety of cheese sauces, salad dressings, peanut butter, jellies, cream cheese and mayo. What can we squeeze for you?
Cheese Bars


Our all natural 2 and 4 oz. Sticks are perfect for gift packs and other “kitting” applications. Available in popular flavors like cheddar, swiss mozzarella and provolone -- and in zesty hot pepper, habeanero and chipotle.