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Snack Cheese

De-Lish Aerosol
veggies with aerosol cheese spread

Our 8 oz aerosol cheese is convenient for a tail gate party or picnic, available in six great flavors - Sharp, American, Cheddar, Nacho, Bacon and Jalapeno.
Glass Cheesy Spread chilimac with jar cheese spread

Great for cooking, 16 oz jars are available in Cheesy Spread or Reduced Fat Cheesy Spread. Cheese Spread is also available in 8 oz jars.
Glass Salsa Con Queso
conqueso and chips

Add a little zing with the addition of salsa with cheese in our Salsa Con Queso. Salsa Con Queso is available in 16 oz jars.
Invert Squeeze Cheese

broccoli and squeeze cheese

The only real squeeze cheese - the others are just imitations. Available in 16 oz containers, choose from four flavors - Mild, Nacho, Jalepeno and Sharp.
Melt Cups
Philly cheese steak with cheddar dip

Delicious, zesty cheese sauces ready to perk up a party or your favorite recipes. Enjoy as is, or warm up in the microwave. Perfect for nachos and dips or add cheesy goodness to main dishes or casseroles.
Cheese Dips
single serving cups of cheese dip

Old Fashioned Foods dips are made with real cheddar cheese for outstanding flavor. The wide-mouth cup is ideal for dipping and is microwavable. Available in 6.35 oz containers, choose from six delicious flavors - Jalepeno, Nacho, French Onion, Salsa Con Queso, Cheddar and Ranch.